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Undated Annual Planner?

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How should my brand look?

Top 5 Things to Focus on [FREE GUIDE]

How should my brand look?

Top 5 Things to Focus on [FREE GUIDE]

Hey You!

Have you always dreamed of launching your own Planner for your current audience?

Have you been STUCK trying to figure out how to get it designed, printed, and shipped?

It's time for you to get UNSTUCK!

I have the perfect solution for you. 

I'm ready to help you plan and launch your Undated Annual Planner for your tribe.

It's a bit too late to launch a Planner for 2024 and you don't want to wait until 2025. The Undated Planner is the perfect option! This will give your tribe the option to purchase at any time of the year!

Selling undated planners is pretty cool for a bunch of reasons, and here's a few:

Shelf Life? Infinity: Okay, maybe not infinity, but close. These babies don’t expire. You can sell them year-round, and what doesn’t fly off the shelves this year is still golden next year.

Print on Demand: With Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Print on Demand is the Zero Upfront Cost for authors and publishers. You don’t have to invest a penny in inventory, printing, or storage. Your book is printed only when someone orders it, making it a financially accessible way for anyone to publish and sell their work without the traditional barriers of book publishing. This model allows you to focus on your writing and marketing, without worrying about unsold stock or initial financial outlays.

More Bang for Your Buck: Sellers save on not having to clear out "last year's model," and buyers get a planner that’s always in season. Plus, they make for awesome, anytime gifts without the “Oops, it’s already March” factor.

Everyone’s Invited: Students, professionals, or anyone hit by the organization bug at random times of the year – undated planners are like that friendly neighborhood spot where everyone feels welcome.

Limited Time ONLY!!!

$395! $1995

Spaces are LIMITED!! I take on a limited number of Entrepreneurs at a time 

During this journey we are going to:

  • Design your Undated Annual Planner Cover
  • Design your Undated Annual Planner layout using a custom template that I’ve created. (I'm designing....not you! ) This layout will be customized with your Company Logo, Brand Colors, Fonts, Text, and Imagery.
  • Launch your Pre-Sale Landing Page so that you can start Pre-Selling your Undated Annual Planner.
  • Create a Downloadable freebie for your clients that will help with Pre-Sales
  • Create a Mock Up image and Promo Flyer that will help with Pre-Sales 

What will the Undated Annual Planner Include?

  • Annual Planner Customized Cover Design
  • Goals Overview Pages​
  • 4 Quarterly Goals Page​s​
  • Monthly Overview Page​s
  • Monthly Planner Pages​
  • Weekly Planner Page​s
  • Daily Planner Pages
  • Specialty Pages: Daily Meal Plan, Notes, 30 Day Challenge, etc.​  
  • Custom Motivational sayings, scriptures, etc. throughout
  • This 169 to 190 page layout will be customized by myself with your Company Logo, Brand Colors, Fonts, Text, and Imagery. 

Your planner will include specialty pages.

You will have the option to include a few specialty pages. These are the pages that truly help to customize and set your planner apart. Currently you will have the option to choose from the following specialty pages.

  • Annual Goals
  • Monthly Goals
  • Goals To-Do List
  • Dinner Meal Plan (Weekly)
  • Workout Planner (Weekly)
  • Chore List
  • Project Schedule
  • Project Vision
  • Self-Care Plan
  • Monthly Budget
  • 30 Day Challenge Chart
  • Monthly Regimen Tracker
  • Daily Meal Plan
  • Notes
  • Positive Affirmations

Limited Time ONLY!!!

$395! $1995

Spaces are LIMITED!! I take on a limited number of Entrepreneurs at a time 

How much is this going to cost me?

Only $395! $1995

What's included in the $395 fee:

  • Custom Cover Design - Undated Annual Planner Custom Cover Design
  • Inside Layout - Undated Annual Planner layout using a custom pre-designed template. This layout will be customized by myself with your Company Logo, Brand Colors, Fonts, Text, and Imagery.
  • Landing Page - Pre-Sales Landing Page for your Undated Annual Planner. Landing Page is designed by myself using a Pre-Designed Lead PagesTemplate. Click Here for an example of how your page will look.
  • Custom Lead Magnet - Downloadable freebie to help pre-sale your Annual Planner
  • Promotional Designs - Mock Up image and Promotional Flyer that will help with Pre-sales 
  • Assistance with submitting your Annual Planner to the printer
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group with Candice Kilgore and fellow entrepreneurs 

Limited Time ONLY!!!

$395! $1995

Who is this special for?

  • Online Coaches, Bloggers, Entrepreneurs etc. that would like to offer a simple branded planner to your audience to follow throughout the year.
  • Those of you looking to just GET IT DONE! You keep saying every year that you would like to create a planner for your audience and you never do it.
  • Those of you looking to make some MONEY from your Planner sales. 
  • Those of you ready to stop being a chronic perfectionist and just get your first planner out already! You can do a fully customized planner next year….however for now you just need to focus on putting out a solid, simple, and professional planner for your Brand fanatics. 

Who is this special NOT for?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to have a complex and customized planner layout designed. (With this program, all clients will receive the same premade layout that is customized with your own Brand Color, Fonts, Text, Imagery, and Logo.)
  • Perfectionist that plan on procrastinating another 3 years perfecting their first planner.
  • Procrastinators and “Talkers”... you know those that say, “I’ma do this...I’ma do that…” and you NEVER DO IT!!!

Check out some of my past designs...

Meet Your Designer and Leader of this Journey.

Hey You!

I'm Candice Kilgore, Lead Graphic Designer and Brand Strategist of thinkcreatebuild.com

I've also created an online academy, diymybrand.com, which gives me the opportunity to teach business owners, content creators, and entrepreneurs how to design attractive social media posts, documents, presentations, and more.

I'm so excited to take this Journey with you! I'm prepared to design a professional, affordable, and ATTRACTIVE Undated Annual Planner that is representative of you and your brand. During this journey we are going to go from creation to LAUNCH! 

No more talking about that Annual Planner that you are going to launch. It's time to go for it!

 Limited Slots are available for this journey. This is First Come, First Serve. No Exceptions.  

Limited Time ONLY!!!

$395! $1995

Spaces are LIMITED!! I take on a limited number of Entrepreneurs at a time 



(In the spirit of full disclosure, the links listed above are affiliate links, which means that I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love, so I know you’ll be in good hands.”)

How will printing be handled?

Printing is not included in the $395 design rate. Printing prices will vary, however prices are reasonable. I'm currently working with Amazon KDP that offers Print On Demand services. With "Print on Demand", you will be able to direct buyers from your Landing Page to Amazon KDP and they will print, package, and ship to your customers. You will also have the option to order several journals or workbooks at once and package and ship them yourself if you prefer.

Will I have to design my Planner?

You will not have to design your planner. I will take care of designing the entire planner from cover to cover. I will be using a pre-designed Undated Annual Planner template. This layout will be customized by myself with your Company Logo, Brand Colors, Fonts, Text, and Imagery.

Do you write the content for my planner?

Provision of content is your responsibility. Copy for all pages needs to be delivered digitally and should be carefully proof-read by you. Content is expected to be delivered by specified due dates in order to meet printing deadlines. Two rounds of revisions will be provided free of charge. Subsequent revisions will be billable at my regular hourly rate.

What if I don't want to come up with custom content for my planner?

If you don't want to add any custom wording, you don't have to. You will be able to use the provided general layout and I will simply customize the planner with your Company Logo, Brand Colors, Fonts, and Imagery.

What program will be used to design my Sales Page?

I will be using LeadPages to build out your Sales Page. LeadPages is one of the leading solutions for Landing Pages and websites. The Landing Page offer is only valid to be used with LeadPages. If you decide not to do the Landing Page with LeadPages, you will simply miss out on the Landing Page offer. I will not be able to refund or extend any credits if you decide not to do the Landing Page. I do not offer to build out the Pre-Sale Landing Page on any other platform at the moment.

How long will this take?

This journey is normally a 6-12 week process. This all depends on client participation. With active client participation and feedback, most planners move through the steps of conception, design, and development within 6-12 weeks. There are exceptions to everything. The more involved the client is with decision-making, the faster the planner will take shape.

*Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

What size is my planner and how will it look?

The Undated Annual Planner will be anywhere from 169 to 190 pages printed in full color, 8.5 x 11. Amazon KDP planners are soft cover and perfect bound. 

What is your Refund Policy?

Once a payment or deposit is made, it is non-refundable. If a project is canceled or postponed, all monies paid are retained by Think.Create.Build and if applicable, a fee for all work completed beyond what was already paid for shall be paid by the client.