Let's Create your Brand Mood Board with Canva!

The Brand Mood Board is simply a tool used in order to help you decide how you want your overall brand to look. It's a collection of visual assets such as colors, images, and typography created to encompass who you are as a brand. Let's get to work!

Step 1. Find Logo Inspiration using Pinterest

Find Logo Inspo by looking online. I love to use Pinterest. Find a logo that inspires you. Pay attention to colors and logo style. Choose a logo that you like the colors and style of for this exercise. You’re not going to copy this logo when you design yours or have yours designed. You just want to use this logo as inspiration. Go to Pinterest by clicking here.

Step 2. Access the Canva Brand Mood Board

Access the Canva Brand Mood Board template that I created here. You will add your logo to the Brand Mood Board first. Next you will pull the images from the logo that you selected. If you have found a logo that is black or neutral and you want to add more colors for your branding, skip this step and move to step 3. Find images that have colors that you love in them. Once you have found those, go back and pull the colors from the images. 

Step 3. Find Images

Find 2 images that look the way you want your imagery to look for branding and have the colors that you want. Use Canva images or Free Stock websites to find imagery. Access my list of stock websites here.

You did it! You created your Brand Mood Board!

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